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Top 8 Uses For Drones Which Will Change Our Lives

Articles February 17, 2017

Typhoon H 4k uses for drones

The use of drones is still in its infancy, but there is no doubt that in the near future they will become an indispensable part of our lives. And here’s how they will change our lives — for the better. Here are the top 8 uses for drones.

Typhoon H 4k uses for drones

Unique Footage for TV Stations- Uses for Drones

As already seen in the conflict in Syria, drones provide unique footage from areas where people with cameras can’t go. Probably because they will be in too much danger or because of inaccessibility. But, even in standard environments, drones allow for spectacular shots.

Help in Agriculture- Uses for Drones

Drones have massive potential in agriculture. Despite people leaning more towards organic produce, pesticides are still necessary. Drones are great for spraying. They also enable farmers to get samples.

Delivery of medical supplies to hard to reach areas- Uses for Drones

Currently,  one billion people in the world live in areas off the beaten path. That means that one billion people don’t have access to life saving medication. This should change with the start-up company, Mattern. They aim to enable Doctors Without Borders to deliver medicines to all those areas that are difficult to reach.

Providing medical assistance- Uses for Drones

Life sometimes literally depends on seconds, and ambulances are quick but are at the mercy of the roads. This will change in the future because drones will quickly deliver the necessary resources — such as defibrillators. They will be equipped with microphones and speakers so a qualified technician can oversee the situation.

 Delivery of packages — Uses for Drones

Amazon and DHL are already working on programs for package delivery using drones. The postman bringing packages will become a thing of the past.

Help in extinguishing fires — Uses for Drones

The drones are too small to extinguish the fire, but they can help control spreading, monitor the fire and perform data collection — such as wind speed — in order to prevent future fires.

Research — Uses for Drones

The broad use of drones will enable us to study of animals, plants and general life on our planet in areas that we are unable to reach.

Helping in the fight against global warming — Uses for Drones

The fight against warming is the most important battle that awaits us. NASA has already begun to use drones in a way that sends them to the edge of the atmosphere to examine, not only the thickness of the ozone layer, but also to examine water vapor.

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