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DJI Phantom just Vision+ out there with many extraordinaire! (EastSide) $ 650

Deals June 26, 2015

Greetings! I have a Phantom 2 Vision+ for sale and that bird is contained in perfect skin condition. I soak up pride to make my bits and pieces in mint conditions! This tool comes with a bundle of extra offerings to make those flight highly advanced! I will be willing to demo them unit fahrenheit (f) […]

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ for sale quite a few extras! (EastSide) $ 600

DJI Phantom 2

DJI Phantom b and many Pro instant 9″ 9450 (Thrust Boosted) Self-tightening (schaumburg) $ 12-15

Deals June 25, 2015

Accepted DJI Distributor Original DJI Phantom couple – three positive Pro least 3 Most current – 9″ 9450 Be confident of Boosted Self-tightening Propellers. just 1 pair sama dengan 1 back button CW just 1 x CCW

DJI Phantom 2 furthermore 3 Instructor – 9″ 9450 (Thrust Boosted) Self-tightening (schaumburg) $ 15

DJI Phantom three positive