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Drone Tricks: A Rundown of What is Possible

Articles February 24, 2017

drone tricks

As drones, or UAVs, become increasingly more popular in the average home and more affordable to the middle-class consumer, more people are searching the bowels of the Internet for more information on these amazing, and sometimes controversial machines. A particularly interesting topic revolves around what in the world you can do with these tiny technical marvels, and I am here to tell you there are actually a surprising number of drone tricks out there that you may not know about.

drone tricks

What You Should Know Before Using A Drone

  • Not every drone is the same: I cannot stress this enough that you need to do your research. Not only are there drones that come ready to fly and those you must do some assemblage with, but there are also types out there for racing and different types better for photos and video.
  • Drones are not for the simple minded: Drones are not easy machines to fly as it may appear in commercials and other TV programs. Some models are almost impossible to learn to control. You are not going to be able to operate like a a pro on day one or even week one. It’s going to take time, practice and some smarts.
  • Drones are typically large investments. Not all drones come with the best equipment for your personal purposes. You might immediately want to go out and get a better charger and controller. Later down the road, you’re going to want to buy a number of accessories to make your drone tricks even better.
  • There are a lot of misconceptions and controversy involving drones: A lot of people are afraid that drones are out there spying on them, and some recent government-related controversies may be partially to blame for that. just be cautious of where you’re flying these things and now how to be polite with a concerned citizen. Also, know that people believe drones can do a lot of damage to a person or property in an accident and make sure you take necessary precautions.
  • There are laws you need to be aware of: Depending on where you live, there are going to be a few or a multitude of no fly zones for your lovely new toy. Do not take it out anywhere in public without knowing what the laws are. There are also many models that need FAA registration, so be sure to check that out.

What Are Drones For, And Why Would I Want One?

Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, were original purposed by the United States government in Afghanistan to spy on terrorist groups as well as to carry bombs over the area if needed. It is thought that these sometimes small machines have revolutionized aerial warfare by taking the human decision and danger out of it, but this technology has now become mainstream and began to shape the world or a new use; pleasure.

Smaller versions of these smart little flying machines are now being sold around the world in regular stores to go into the hands of young adults and grown-ups alike. So, what’s the big deal about them? They can actually be pretty fun if you’re the type of person who like flying machines, race cars, or any other mechanical toy. This is the ultimate in the remote-controlled toy you want under your Christmas tree with the capability of doing advanced tricks as well grabbing the perfect videos and photos with little human effort required.


Simple Drone Tricks

  • The Orbit: This drone trick is one of the easiest out there and will probably be the first one you will learn. It involves having the drone fly around a center point. Start with other objects before you try and fly around yourself for the best results.
  • Dive-Bomber: This drone trick will have your drone start high and quickly swoop low before coming back up again. The only hard part about this one has to do with precise timing. I am sure you are already imagining what will happen to the drone every time you do this one wrong.
  • Step Roll 360: This drone  trick with have the drone moving forward while also spinning upside down and back to right-side up again while pausing every 60 seconds. You’ll get amazing views of whatever image you’re trying to capture, and the drone will have just enough time to snap a still photo or to while spinning.
  • Waterworks: This is exactly what it sounds like. An extended flight over water may not sound like a trick, but the harder a drone is to maneuver, the more likely you’ll send it diving into he water. Charges are also short, so that can be the trouble as well.

Advanced Drone Tricks

  • The Flip: This will make the drone to a flip in midair without stopping. This drone trick requires several intricate steps that will take more than just a few days of practice to get just right.
  • Perp Flip 720: This particular drone trick is a sight to see when done just right but can easily send the drone crashing to the ground or into an object such as a tree. The 720 is a lateral spin while on its side, perfect for those true aerial enthusiasts who wish they could do it in a real aircraft.
  • Silly Straw: As the name suggests, this drone trick involves making an iconic shape while the drone is actually straight up and down and then spinning in a circle. Be careful watching a video of this one if you have a queasy stomach!
  • Double Keyhole: This is the ultimate in braggable drone tricks to pull off as you expertly drive your drone through not one, but two extremely tight spaces.

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