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DJI Mavic Pro | A Comprehensive Overview

News October 24, 2016

If you are looking for a pocket-sized powerful drone with some amazing features, DJI Mavic Pro should be your perfect choice. This article is important to the audience since it will explain in detail about the product to help them make their purchase decision. DJI Company is behind this product. It manufactures aerial photography systems and easy to fly drones through it’s talented creators. The company employs intensive research and development to push through innovation where it makes devices that are easy to use. Today, their products are used in different fields which include; agriculture, energy, conservation and film. They started manufacturing the product when a group of young innovators came up with an idea of camera stabilization systems which they turned it into a reality. They have been very successful.

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GoPro Karma | An Exciting New Drone

News October 24, 2016

Photography drones are the next big update in the filmmaking world! A drone that can hover around and shoot videos in 4k, take random pictures and cover almost every angle of an object, is a dream gadget to a passionate photographer. We are going to discuss one of the best things GoPro Inc. has developed so far– the GoPro Karma. Nick Woodman, the founder of this American company, produces stunning action cameras and cutting edge useful tools like mobile apps, video editors, etc. Even if the GoPro Karma is the company’s debut towards creating an out-of-the-box invention, let’s evaluate the specs in detail.

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B-Unstoppable Drone Review

News September 30, 2015

B-Unstoppable is an indoor/outdoor model for everyone. With its super stable flight controller, even users at beginner level can explore full potential of the model. Continue reading …

Snap Drone Review

Demo, News, Review September 4, 2015

Vantage Robotics built a new smart drone to get a piece of the the ever growing drone market. Instead of competing with DJI Phantom series drones or the cheap plastic toy drones, Vantage did its own thing. The result is a super light weight drone with a capability of shooting 4K video resolution that will surely give DJI Phantom 3, which costs $1500, a run for its money- the Snap Drone.  Continue reading …

FloNew App Lets your Drones Automatically Fly to iBeacons

News May 9, 2015

This is used for Drone automation. The people from FlowNew just totally created a hack that allows you to send your drone to any iBeacon. During the hackathon, Andre Smith and Gabriel Velez built this awesome new app you can download here.

This new app allows you to do deliveries with the ParrotMini. It seems that their hack is catered towards the Parrot drones.

3DR Solo Smart Drone Review | A Detailed Look at This Intelligent Drone

Demo, News, Review, Videos May 8, 2015

3DR Solo Drone package kit

3DR Solo is the smartest drone in the planet that’s priced under $1,000. This is a great bargain for a super advance and intelligent drone that will make flying fun instead of stressful. It’s simply the most beautiful drone around.

Basically, the 3DR Solo boast supercharged features that you will not find on any drones. This drone gives the DJI Phantom 3 or the Quadmovr a great run for their money. The Solo drone is priced the cheapest among the three.

3DR_Solo_Drone_beautyPeople will be searching for reviews like this: 3DR Solo vs DJI Phantom 3 vs Quadmovr. This should come as soon as the Quadmovr and the 3DR Solo ships their drone to consumers.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this slick new drone by 3D Robotics.

Why am I absolutely excited about the 3DR Solo?

This smart drone has a ton of features to cover that would make this review very boring. So I’ll just talk about what gets me excited about the 3DR Solo drone.

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3DR Solo Frame Rate Control

3D Robotics worked closely with GoPro to integrate the camera’s internal function into the 3DR Solo. This means you can control the Camera’s functionality from the ground during the flight. The best part that I like about this is to be able to ramp the frame rate to high speed when capturing fast action.

3DR Solo Drone frame rate control

Hands on Remote Control

3DR Solo comes with an excellent hands-on controller that allows you to maneuver the drone like a pro. The tilt, pan, dip, acceleration and turns will be much smoother with this controller because you can build a feel for it the more you use it.

3DR Solo Drone Handson Remote Controller

Smooth gimbal and multi-axis camera mount

If you’re using this drone to capture high quality footage, then having stabilized camera is top priority. This drone is fitted with the most advance and lightest camera gimbal for any prosumer drone available.


3DR Solo in Full Autonomous

If you’re not confident with your manual flying skills, the 3DR Solo allows you to fly in full automatic mode. All you have to do is set the flight path and you’re rocking. Th 3DR Solo gives you full overview of your surrounding using GEO mapping. You simply tap the screen a few times and this drone will give you exactly what you desire.

3DR Solo Drone autonomous flying

Orbit anything like a mountain or a building


Do a cable cam maneuver by setting your flight start and end

Solo_Smart_Drone___3DR___Drone___UAV_Technology 6

Follow an object or set it to selfie mode and this drone will follow you anywhere you go.

Flight School

The 3DR Solo drone allows you to learn how to flight with its app. The mobile app allows you to simulate a flight like a video game so you can get a feel for flying the 3DR Solo.

3DR Solo Drone Flight School Mode

Here’s a full video demo of the 3DR Solo Drone

Avoid the risk of crashing your drone by learning how to fly it first. The 3DR Solo allows you to do just that.

From the presentation developed by 3D Robotics, it appears that the drone is definitely best in class.


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Quadmovr Test Flight Demo

News April 30, 2015

The Quadmovr drone has got to be the fastest drone in the market. It generates so much speed as it flies vertical into the sky. Here’s a video that demonstrates the lightning speed of the Quadmovr.

This toy drone will sure make the UAV hobbiest feels satisfied after flying this around. When you watch this fly in real life, it makes your jaw drop wondering if you fast-forwarded  into the future.


The manuevers that the Quadmovr can do is beyond anything the pro-consumer drones can do. It’s so advanced in navigation that it takes drone flying to the next level.

Buy Cheap Quadmovr Drones from form pro drone users. You can customize this drone to fit the style you need. Make it look like a UFO flying in the middle of the night because its speed is pretty capable of making people believe they witnessed a UFO.

Here are photos of the Quadmovr Drone UAV in full action:

Whether you’re simply hoping to get this drone for your collection or came here to look for the best Quadmovr price. This fast UAV RC Quadcopter is being sold second hand, new or used by drone users.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional | Buy Used and New from Dronetradr.com

News, Videos April 14, 2015

Looking to buy the new DJI Phantom 3 Professional? DJI just released their latest update of this super advanced drone for extreme sports. Advanced UAVs are rapidly coming out with new smart drones.

The drone records video at 1080p at 60FPS. That’s an unbelievably great feature for recording and slowing down fast moving objects. The 3AXIS Gimbal will make the drone ultra stable and have the ability to shoot any angles.

DJI Phantom 3 has the ability to identify what it’s flying over using the ultrasound technology on board. This means you are 100 percent sure your drone will not crash by accident.

It also uses a MicroSD to store stills that you might take. The camera has a Sony 1/2.3-inch sensor.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Demo:


Professional Flight Demo

At top speed, 35 miles per hour, makes this drone one of the fastest on the market.

DJI Phantom 3 Professional-cameraShould I buy used or new DJI Phantom 3? If you want to get discounted price of this cool drone, it’s best to buy used DJI Phantom 3 at a trading website like Dronetradr.

Buy used drones incredibly cheap directly from users like yourself who are avid drone users and a fan of the DJI brand of drones.

Photos of the new DJI Phantom 3 Professional


DJI UAV just announced its new high tech smart drone. Where can you get the DJI quadcopters with 4K camera and Gimbal 3 axis? Look no further for the new and used DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone.

3DR Solo Smart Drone Demo, For Sale, Cheap, Buy Used

News, Videos April 14, 2015

Buy 3DR Solo Drone for only $1,000. That’s $300 dollars less than the DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone. It’s founded by 3D Robotics. This drone is fully automated. You can pre-program the drone to do dynamic flights that were impossible in the past.

In recent years, there have been rapid advancements in drone technology and the 3DS Solo Drone is an indication what’s to come. Last week DJI Phantom 3 released their ultrasound drone. So the market should be flooded with used drones to trade.

New 3DR Solo Drone Demo:

The Quadcopter is only 3.3 lbs. The drone’s best feature is its full automation. You can pretty much say goodbye to the accidental crashes as it has great sensors to ensure it doesn’t hit something during flight and crash.

3DR Solo DroneThe 3DR Solo Drone is so smart it can take off and land on its own. The best part you can enjoy its flight for 23 minutes using its 4480 mAh battery.

3DR Solo Drone Flight Demo:

3DR Solo drone, 3DR UAV remote control, Automated Drone for sale, Used 3DR Solo Smart Drone sold by users. You can buy this autonomous advance drone cheap using a drone trader site like DroneTradr.

3DR Solo is also knowd as a Smart Drone or Autonomaous Quadcopter drone. The makers of this advance machine definitely know what they are doing. You can buy this drone in your city. You don’t need to scour eBay or Amazon to get the best price for purchasing the 3DR Solo Drone.

3DR Solo Drone Photos:

GoPro connection Gimbal, Quadcoper, silent. The 3DR Solo Drone is a perfect sports drone for active outdoor sports. Go ahead and get rid of your old drones and get the latest one. Don’t worry you won’t lose money as long as you post your drone for sale here on our drone trading website. If you’re an avid drone pilot, the 3DR Solo Drone is definitely worth the purchase.

Krossblade SkyProwler VTOL Drone

News April 5, 2015

Do you want to buy the new Krossblade SkyProwler Drone?
As you can imagine, since this isn’t a toy, it doesn’t cost toy prices. The company is expected to set the Skyprowler Price upwards of $1,000 when it hits retail stores.

What is the asking price for a brand new one? For now, you can get in on the action for much cheaper before it hits the shelves in retail stores.

Is Skyprowler For Sale online via the manufacturer’s website or your local distributor? The drone raised $200K+ in their Kickstarter campaign, which sold the drone for about $900.

Photos of the Krossblace Skyprowler UAV

This awesome new drone has been increasing in popularity since its announcement. If you are looking for the new Krossblade Skyprowler Drone in your local area, it might be hard to find a store that carries this particular drone. So your only option might be to look for online stores or current owners who are selling it.

Check out this video demo of the Krossblade Skyprowler Drone

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