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For sale DJI phantom 3 Professional w/ case, 2 batteries and Set of ND filt...

DJI phantom 3 professional + case, 2 extra batteries, ND filter set. Asking price is $1750 or best offer. This Phantom 3 Drone is the […]



For Sale New DJI Phantom 3 Professional for $1200 in Seattle

Selling a brand new DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone in Seattle. Purchased about a few months ago in BHPhoto and have since upgraded to the DJI Inspire […]



DJI Phantom 2 Drone Complete kit for sale in Vancouver

Perfect working condition, just add a GoPro and you can generate Hollywood style aerial videos! Includes -DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter with remote controller and Zenmuse […]



Used DJI Phantom 3 for sale in Calgary Cheap and Discounted Price

Asking or best offer. This DJI Phantom 3 is excellent for real-estate photographers and videographers. Filmmakers also love this drone as it shoots high quality […]



TBS Discovery FPV Quadcopter Drone BNF AP Aerial Photography

Used TBS Discovery Quadcopter drone for sale. Cheap custom-built drone by a professional. It’s comes with the full kit. Zero scratch. Buy this quadcopter drone […]

Quadmovr for sale


Quadmovr For Sale, Ultra Fast Drone Technology, Buy used and cheap

Buy cheap Quadmovr drone. You can get this lightning fast drone directly from Quadmovr users who are selling it used. Others list it in DroneTradr […]

Heli-Max Quadcopter Drone W/ Camara


Heli-Max Quadcopter Drone W/ Camara

Ready to fly. Included; 1 Transmitter Quadcopter with camera 2 Batteries 1 Charger $75 NO USB or Card Reader. Can be purchase at local hobby […]

B-Unstoppable Drone Review

News September 30, 2015

B-Unstoppable is an indoor/outdoor model for everyone. With its super stable flight controller, even users at beginner level can explore full potential of the model. Continue reading …

Protocol Dronium RC Quadcopter Drone For Sale Discounted

Deals September 6, 2015

Cheap Protocol Dronium RC Quadcopter Drone priced lower than the manufacturer. This device performs very fast setup and easy in-flight maneuvers. The Protocol Dronium quad-copter uses a 2.4GHz transmitter so you can control the drone precisely. It’s motion-sensitive and has an auto stabilizing electronics that allows it to fly steady and smooth. Continue reading …

Snap Drone Review

Demo, News, Review September 4, 2015

Vantage Robotics built a new smart drone to get a piece of the the ever growing drone market. Instead of competing with DJI Phantom series drones or the cheap plastic toy drones, Vantage did its own thing. The result is a super light weight drone with a capability of shooting 4K video resolution that will surely give DJI Phantom 3, which costs $1500, a run for its money- the Snap Drone.  Continue reading …

Blade Nano Review

Deals, Demo September 3, 2015

If you’re looking for a safe drone to fly, the used Blade Nano drone QX BNF Quadcopter is the perfect and fun toy for you. This drone is currently on sale using a discount coupon code.

Plenty of options to buy your drone. Continue reading …

Parrot Bebop Drone with SkyController

Deals, Demo, Videos August 22, 2015

The Cheap Parrot Bebop drone with SkyController gives you a true pilot experience. This drone directly synchronizes with your iPad, iPhone or any Android devices. You actually don’t need to have these extra gadgets attached to control the drone. Simply turn on your SkyController and boom, you’re flying your awesome Parrot Bebop Drone with SkyController. Continue reading …

Rules and Regulations of Flying Drones in Canada | Full Guide

How To August 21, 2015

So you want to fly a drone for fun. Perhaps you want to make money, too, by working for realtors and film productions. Read on to find out the rules and regulations of flying drones in Canada.

The reality is, drones are becoming part of our life whether we fly them or not. Look up at the sky and you’ll see one buzzing around. Is it safe? That’s the argument. Drones falling from hundreds of feet above can definitely cause a lot of damage. Continue reading …

Used Drone Phantom 3 For Sale

Uncategorized August 20, 2015

used drone phantom 3 for sale

When the Used Drone Phantom 3 For Sale hit the market several months ago, it was like the company released limited edition. The compact and high-tech drone was quickly sold out, leaving drone users without Used Drone Phantom 3 For Sale for a long time.

Continue reading …

HobbyKing Darkwing Flight Demo

Demo July 11, 2015

Darkwing FPV Drone Test Flight Demo

The Darkwing FPV drone is a first-person viewing (FPV). Its wide and lightweight body can glide in the air for a smooth flight. The HobbyKing Darkwing FPV drone allows huge payload capability for mounting heavy accessories life the GoPro or a powerful antenna. The wingspan is 1,727mm. This drone is pretty easy to assemble to so you can fly it in no time. Continue reading …

Buy DJI Phantom 3 Drone in Vancouver from Suppliers and Owners

Uncategorized July 10, 2015

Are there any DJI Phantom 3 in Vancouver? Most stores in town have nothing in stock because they either ran out or they haven’t received their shipments from DJI yet.

So what you’ll be told is to pre-order and it will take a few weeks to get your DJI Phantom 3 drone. Sad case if you really need your drone now and can’t wait. Continue reading …

Buy Striker Spy Drone Cheap

Deals, Demo, Videos July 9, 2015

Are you searching for the cool new tech drone called the Striker Spy Drone? It’s latest model is the Striker 2.4GHz 4.5CH RC Spy Drone to be specific. This awesome new drone is capable of doing unreal tricks during flight. Continue reading …

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