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Parrot Bebop Drone with SkyController

Deals, Demo, Videos August 22, 2015

The Cheap Parrot Bebop drone with SkyController gives you a true pilot experience. This drone directly synchronizes with your iPad, iPhone or any Android devices. You actually don’t need to have these extra gadgets attached to control the drone. Simply turn on your SkyController and boom, you’re flying your awesome Parrot Bebop Drone with SkyController. Continue reading …

Quadmovr Test Flight Demo

News April 30, 2015

The Quadmovr drone has got to be the fastest drone in the market. It generates so much speed as it flies vertical into the sky. Here’s a video that demonstrates the lightning speed of the Quadmovr.

This toy drone will sure make the UAV hobbiest feels satisfied after flying this around. When you watch this fly in real life, it makes your jaw drop wondering if you fast-forwarded  into the future.


The manuevers that the Quadmovr can do is beyond anything the pro-consumer drones can do. It’s so advanced in navigation that it takes drone flying to the next level.

Buy Cheap Quadmovr Drones from form pro drone users. You can customize this drone to fit the style you need. Make it look like a UFO flying in the middle of the night because its speed is pretty capable of making people believe they witnessed a UFO.

Here are photos of the Quadmovr Drone UAV in full action:

Whether you’re simply hoping to get this drone for your collection or came here to look for the best Quadmovr price. This fast UAV RC Quadcopter is being sold second hand, new or used by drone users.