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Buy Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone on Sale

Demo, Review, Videos May 11, 2015

Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone Demo

The Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone is very small or you can even call it mirco drone. This toy drone will sure wow the kids becuase it’s super fun to assemble and play around. It fits on your palm. It’s smaller than your iPhone and the size of your car keys.

This Fineco FX-1 nano drone flies much better indoor than out door. The size is too light if the wind is heavy.  This pocket sized drone from Fineco FX-1 is less than your palm size, assuming you’re not a baby.

Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone Demo

The Fineco FX-1 is a Nano size automaton UAV which still flies as steady like the larger drones. Just don’t expect a GoPro camera on it. When we first get the FX-1 drone, everyone of your friends will want to try to fly it too. Kids bring it to school and play with it during recess. The Fineco FX-1 nano drone is super steady. This drone for sale stays on the same spot even for such tiny little rotors.

The Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone for Sale

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Just checkout the photograph of the Fineco FX-1 nano drone fly above this person’s palm. It only weighs 12 grams, with 2.4Ghz RC transmitter which can transmit up to 2-30m range. It’s great RC drone.

Buy Fineco FX-1 Nano Drone Cheap

The drone can charge its batter using a USB link around 30 minutes. It only takes 5-6 minutes of flight time. So we recommenced this automaton for first time flyer, grown-ups or kids.

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We adore this little fowl, its attractive and flies truly stable and to a great degree tough, its an immaculate toy for everybody.

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Cheap PocketFlyer Drone by CyPhy

Demo, Videos May 5, 2015

Buy used and new PocketFlyer drone. This small and portable drone is powered by a microfilament tether which gives this mini drone unlimited flight duration. Really? Yes. This is not a magic trick. CyPhy is known to be a disruptive company in the drone market. They are responsible for creating a small size drone called the PARC which can go up to 10,000 feet.

The PocketFlyer dos not require a pilot as it’s fully autonomous drone. It can fly itself and land in the destination.


Able to fly through doors and windows, and down corridors

Direct connection with controller can’t be intercepted, jammed or spoofed.

High quality, full frame rate, unbroken video

Get a bird’s eye view

maintain a safe standoff distance


Operating Range: 250 ft
Vehicle Weight: 80 grams
Case Size: Fits into cargo pants pocket
Mission Duration Per Battery: 2 hours of flight time, Several days in perch mode
OCU: Tablet or Smart Phone

Demo Flight on Video of the PocketFlyer drone: