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Syma X5SW 4 | A Comprehensive Rundown and Review

Review November 7, 2016

Syma X5SW 4

For anyone who enjoys filming exquisite videos from interesting angles, owning a quadcopter may be very beneficial and practical. The remote controlled Syma X5SW 4 is a great choice for a quadcopter. One which will satisfy various consumers with its array of useful features. This quadcopter is manufactured by Syma, a company which specializes in producing gadgets with similar functions. Their X5SW 4 model is also a very prominent and popular product, one which has earned the trust of many different consumers.



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Syma X5SW 4 Details

Syma X5SW 4 is an extremely solid and durable quadcopter, one which will emerge undamaged even after several accidental crashes. Consumers setting up the drone find it to be very easy. The connection between the device and phone is also easily established. The video quality is good, and its simple controls will ensure that all ages will be able to enjoy this product to its fullest capacity. The X5SW 4 model is capable of flying quite high, so video enthusiasts will be able to capture unique photographs and videos. This quadcopter is an entertaining, cost-effective purchase. The drone offers easily comprehensible features adequate for beginners at a much lower price compared to other brands.


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The Syma X5SW 4 quadcopter is equipped with an HD camera, which can transmit videos directly to your Android or IOS phone. The device also features an electronic compass for better navigation. Extra batteries come included, as the flight of the quadcopter lasts 5 or 6 minutes in one go. The overall frequency of this gadget is 2.4Ghz, with a possibility of performing various technical actions. The headless mode ensures there is no need to identify the head and the tail of the device. This makes it easier to fly. This quadcopter is available at $59.48, which makes it a more affordable option than other competitive brands.


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Pros and Cons

The biggest issue with Syma X5SW 4 is the low functionality of its batteries, which require frequent recharging. However, this problem can be solved by immediately placing a full battery in the place of the empty one, while the empty one recharges. There is no actual need to wait to use the quadcopter again. The wind frequently interrupts the flight course of the drone because it is so lightweight. Maneuvering may become problematic. Moreover, on the rare occasions the device may abruptly disconnect from the controls, this will result in the fall of the quadcopter. However, the Syma X5SW 4 model is an affordable version of a quadcopter, one which may not be suitable for those who seek professional results, but is perfectly satisfactory for beginners who value easy controls and new experiences.

Consumers highlight the easy maneuvering at optimal conditions with this drone in their reviews. They also mention the disappointingly low functionality of the batteries. The reviewers frequently mention the incidental fragility of the construction, but also how entertaining the device can be when it works properly. Having these pros and cons in mind, the consumers still place the greatest emphasize on the affordable price of the product. Most customers say that the issue with the batteries can be overcome through frequent battery recharging and replacing.


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Conclusion and Rating

All in all, most believe that this drone is a satisfactory choice for a quadcopter. One which offers an easy control system and mostly adequate video quality, as well as extra batteries included for those who find the battery life shorter than desirable. Video enthusiasts love this device, because it offers exactly what is advertised at a perfectly affordable price. I give this product four stars.

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