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Snap Drone Review

Demo, News, Review September 4, 2015

Vantage Robotics built a new smart drone to get a piece of the the ever growing drone market. Instead of competing with DJI Phantom series drones or the cheap plastic toy drones, Vantage did its own thing. The result is a super light weight drone with a capability of shooting 4K video resolution that will surely give DJI Phantom 3, which costs $1500, a run for its money- the Snap Drone. 

The Vantage Snap drone is currently priced at $895 which is almost half the cost of the Phantom 3. For such a low price, Snap drone has a ton of advance features not present with the Phantom.

Snap Drone is Super High Tech

Vantage CEO claims it’s the world’s first fully portable 4K drone. It’s lightweight, so you don’t need to carry a heavy duty case like the DJI Phantom. The propellers are also protected so you can actually touch or push the Snap drone while it’s in flight.

snap drone

When you’re finished flying the drone, the center piece simply “snaps” off and the quadrotors flip in half. The whole contraption fits in a small backpack.

snap drone

Vantage also claims that their drone is the safest 4K camera drone in the market. It only weighs 15 grams and can fly for 20 minutes with advance camera gimbal to keep shots steady.

Holds Shot Steady at 4K resolution

There’s more in store for this super advance drone. It also uses a virtual wire tracking which auto follows you and keeps you in view at all times. Perfect for sport photography and videography.

snap drone

Snap Drone Avoids Trees Automatically so it’s Crash Free

The drone can be programmed to do dramatic moves like pulling back, orbiting, tracking. This thing knows exactly where you are so it can fly out and back to you. It also features modular system which allows the Snap drone to follow you through deep in the forest and avoids any obstacles.

snap drone

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