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HobbyKing Darkwing Flight Demo

Demo July 11, 2015

Darkwing FPV Drone Test Flight Demo

The Darkwing FPV drone is a first-person viewing (FPV). Its wide and lightweight body can glide in the air for a smooth flight. The HobbyKing Darkwing FPV drone allows huge payload capability for mounting heavy accessories life the GoPro or a powerful antenna. The wingspan is 1,727mm. This drone is pretty easy to assemble to so you can fly it in no time.

These guys mounted their drone on a trolly and launched it in smooth grass in the park with people around. This is a great drone to fly as long as there’s no spectators around for safety. Essentially the drone is a mini-airplane that is required to fly¬†fast to get the necessary glide to stay airborne.

Watch this raw video posted on Youtube to show you what it takes and how to fly the FPV drone.

Here’s a video of the Darkwing FPV Drone flight demo:

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