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GoPro Karma | An Exciting New Drone

News October 24, 2016

Photography drones are the next big update in the filmmaking world! A drone that can hover around and shoot videos in 4k, take random pictures and cover almost every angle of an object, is a dream gadget to a passionate photographer. We are going to discuss one of the best things GoPro Inc. has developed so far– the GoPro Karma. Nick Woodman, the founder of this American company, produces stunning action cameras and cutting edge useful tools like mobile apps, video editors, etc. Even if the GoPro Karma is the company’s debut towards creating an out-of-the-box invention, let’s evaluate the specs in detail.

gopro karma

GoPro Karma Details

The GoPro Karma is the ultimate flexible tool for any photographer and the prime reason why this drone has caught such hype. Unlike the popular DJI Mavic Pro with much better specifications, the GoPro Karma is the SUV compared to the Lamborghini! The Karma works flawlessly with the new HERO5 series as well as the older versions of HERO4 and HERO3. You don’t have to rely on your smartphone anymore as the Karma comes packed with a five inch LCD viewer. The dual set of cameras, along with the additional gimbal, can result in beautiful combinations for various photographic purposes. Most photographers face problems in carrying their kit all the way to the destination. The Karma, however, is foldable so it can fit into a small backpack. If that was not comfortable enough, it can be further folded by removing each and every part individually.

GoPro Karma is power packed with various combinations of the set of models according to your needs. The stabilizer that is available with the GoPro Karma is detachable from the pre-set. Moreover, the intuitive feature called passenger mode lets you share a live stream of the quadcopter to anyone on their smartphone. Features like the autonomous flying mode subdivided into orbit mode (circles any object), cable cam (flies straight), and Reveal (automatic selfie), makes Karma hit the market hard.

  • The GoPro Karma quadcopter + a gimbal costs $799.
  • The GoPro Karma quadcopter + a gimbal + a GoPro Session Camera costs $999.
  • The GoPro Karma quadcopter + a gimbal + GoPro HERO5 costs $1099.

Although the Karma has so many exciting features to drool over, there are certain limitations that every user should keep in mind. Firstly this product is a debut item from the company that has no experience in building drones. Even if GoPro uses advanced technologies on all of its products,  there is always room for improvement. One major setback of this product is that it doesn’t have the significant features like “obstacle avoidance” or “follow me” modes which extend the longevity of the drone. Lastly, it gives a fly time of around 20 minutes, so you have to keep checking the battery levels more often.

GoPro Karma has the potential to carve a nice niche in the market. Even if there are certain things you miss out on that other drones may provide, the Karma offers stunning waterproof design and cutting-edge technology. The most praised feature about Karma is the flexibility. So if you are looking for personal customization and modifications according to your desired project, GoPro Karma is your ultimate choice.

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