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DuraFly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter RC Helicopter Drone

Demo, Videos May 10, 2015

One particular Gyrocopter drone that’s absolutely perfect for hobby flyers is the Durafly Auto-G2. It disrupts the RC world.

The fundamental highlight of the Auto-G2 separating it from the first is the all new Auto-Start framework. This gadget twists up the rotor head naturally with the flip of a switch on your transmitter. This wipes out the undesirable torque impact that is made when a customary autogyro’s unpowered rotor head gets up to speed amid take-off. The Auto-Start framework makes ROG take-offs and hand dispatches more simple than any in recent memory. We’ve additionally included a steerable, stun retaining tail wheel.


This video demo of the DuraFly Auto-G2 covers all of the gyrocopter’s detailed features. It’s the best starting point if you’re thinking about buying one of these fun little toys. It’s lighweight enough that you can take it anywhere you please.


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For those of you searching for another flying background, the Auto-G2 is simply the ticket. This model will be particularly engaging the individuals who fly both helicopters and altered wing airplane, as this model falls some place in the middle. With its exceptionally extraordinary flight qualities, the Auto-G2 is, by a wide margin, a standout amongst the most fascinating models we have ever flown. Notwithstanding its super moderate flight and auto-revolution capacity, it can even perform aerobatics, for example, slow down turns and circles!

Features of Durafly Auto-G2

  • All new Auto-Start System
  •  Tough EPO Construction
  •  Fast and Easy Assembly
  • Strong, Impact Resistant Rotor Blades
  • Steerable Tailwheel
  • Power System and Servos Pre-Installed
  • Simple, Low Parts Count Design
  • Unique Flying Experience

• Rotor Diameter: 821mm
• Length: 795mm
• Height: 392mm
• Weight: 680g
• ESC: 20A
• Servo: 9g x 4
• Motor: 800KV brushless outrunner

• All hardware
• Instructions

• Your own 5CH (or more) transmitter and receiver
• 1300mAh 3S lipoly battery

The DuraFly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter is completely built from a durable EPO foam and its tail is made with carbon fiber. The whole kit is very easy to assemble so you can start flying this RC hoelicopter immediately.

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