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Drone Regulations | An Overview | Dronetradr

Articles November 11, 2016

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If flying drones is your hobby, then you need to know the drone regulations so that you do not get into trouble. In fact, anyone who has a drone and uses it should be aware of the regulations that have been set by the authorities. This article will help you to understand the most important rules for flying drones and what you should and should not do while flying them.

drone regulations

Drone Regulations, An Overview

You may not be a professional in flying drones—you got it just for the sake of fun and find it very interesting. However, there are certain rules and drone regulations for drones that need to be followed even if you are flying for fun. Here are some basic rules and drone regulations that everyone has to follow whenever you are flying a drone:

  • Flying drones near stadiums or people or in front of their houses is a strict no-no. If you do so then you would be violating people’s privacy and that is illegal.
  • Drones are also known as unmanned aircraft systems. That does not give you permission to fly near manned aircraft systems or operations. If you are caught in the process, you will have to face serious consequences.
  • The drone that you will be flying should not weigh more than 55 pounds.
  • Always fly your drone below 400 feet from the ground. Additionally, you should always check for surrounding obstacles and stay away from them as much as possible.
  • Flying a drone within five miles from the airport is a serious offense. If you are flying for a specific reason, then you should get a clearance from the control tower and the airport authorities.
  • Try to keep your drone within your visual line of sight all the time. Also, remember not to be reckless while flying it. There will be hefty fines and penalties if people get hurt or any aircraft is in danger because of your drone.

Drones can be really fun to fly and you may look upon it as a toy, but the rules that have been imposed should be followed all times, lest you want to be in danger of breaking the laws.

Ever since the 9/11 attack, the CIA started using drones to ensure people are protected. Many modifications were made with the drones regarding the specifications and features. Much later, drones were introduced for everyday people to use. Now, you can buy a drone online and use it for your own purpose. But, you must follow the rules above. Initially, when the drones for everyday people were introduced, the rules were not so strict. You could fly it in your backyard or with your friends. However, there were several objections over the breaching of privacy and rules were modified later. Nowadays, many people use drones for professional purposes— such as checking plumbing issues or electrical problems that are impossible to reach by climbing up a ladder. There are also people who fly drones just for fun. However, you need to remember that they may seem to be toys to you, but if you are flying in a restricted area, you will draw unwanted suspicions on yourself.

The drone regulations that have been imposed are completely safe for any user. But, if you try flying the drone on someone’s private property, then sooner or later you will be in trouble. In fact, there are people who can shoot your drone down if they feel that you are violating their privacy and you will not be able to do anything. So, what will you do is you face such a problem? The wisest thing to do would be to get the police involved. If you know what you are doing and you are not to blame, you should call the police and let them know what happened. You can show the video feeds from the drone or the photos that you have captured. These will be ideal to get you off the hook and prove that the person complaining is wrong. If you have been flying the drone above 100 feet, you can show the wide angle video and let the police decide if you were spying on someone or if someone’s privacy was being disrupted because of the drone. Sometimes, you do not know the extent to which you are flying the drone and you may end up flying over a private property. In such cases, the property owner can get in touch with you or the police and ask for the memory card to be confiscated. So, try to fly in areas where you are sure about the distance and the height.

There is nothing better than getting a bird’s view of something. For this, drones will be your best friend. You will not get any other equipment or gadget that will provide the same functions and features with the same precision. When you fly a drone for the first time and see the video feeds, you will feel like flying yourself. But, there is always the question of safety. That is why there are so many rules and regulations that you have to follow if you are flying drones as a hobby. Although there are various toys that come with a recording camera, they are not same as a drone. Most importantly, you can use these drones for professional purposes, too. So, if you are trying to bypass the rules by searching for some alternative gadgets to drones, then you will not get any satisfying answer.

Flying drones as a hobby can be quite fun. You and your friends can set off for a day of drone flying. But, do make sure that you are within your limits and keep the rules and regulations in mind. You would definitely not want to get your drone confiscated or be part of a crime that you did not mean to commit in any way. Play safe!

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