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Articles December 16, 2016

drone hunting

In case you’ve just landed from Mars, there’s a new sport in town and it is called drone hunting. Now this isn’t your typical hunting expedition, because instead of hunting wild animals, you’ll be hunting drones. Yep— you heard that right— it’s time to hunt some drones. This new pursuit is being championed by Mountain Dew, which has a track record of backing alternative sports like skateboarding. Read on to find out what this latest craze is all about. You will also learn about the rules of the game and some of the concerns people have regarding the sport.

drone hunting

Drone Hunting — Everything You Need to Know

Drone hunting began when a small group of drone enthusiasts and hobbyists would meet to enjoy their pastime, discuss configurations and brainstorm about how to move the sport forward. As interest in drone racing grew, savvy marketers discovered that they could use the popularity of the sport to market products to the youth. In came Mountain Dew with their “Do the Dew” television campaign that got tongues wagging. They featured a group of motocross riders hunting down a drone inside a Chilean forest. As a result of the effectiveness of the ad campaign, drone hunting is now gaining traction as a legitimate sport.

Drone hunting involves a group of dirt bike riders chasing after a drone through a forest with nets and riding crops in hand. A drone pilot wears special eyewear called First Person View goggles that allows them to see a live image of where the drone is flying and stays within range to guide it through a course. At the end of the day, the winner is the person who manages to snare the drone using the net. What we still don’t know is what happens to the drone when it’s captured.

Mountain Dew and DR1 Racing have announced a worldwide partnership and they have become the principal sponsors of drone racing events globally. Featuring ace drone racing pilots from around the globe, this newly launched drone hunting series saw ace pilots race their drones over an obstacle course. The event was televised live on national TV and it was also live streamed globally. So if you want to get involved, you need to stay in touch with Mountain Dew and DR1 Racing. Mountain Dew’s new slogan— “Drone Hunting Now Exists. It Doesn’t Exist Until You Do It”— is a rallying call for people from across the globe to embrace the sport and organize their own hunts.

Not everyone is enamored by drones and they are said to be an eyesore on our skies. People are also concerned about their privacy. In some areas, concerned citizens are asking for licenses to shoot down drones if they encroach on their property. There’s also concern about the potential for drones being used for illegal or unethical activities such as smuggling. Drones may now be commonplace in some countries but in other countries, it’s an alien concept. In some regions, flying drones isn’t permitted and it poses a serious challenge to people who want to participate in the sport.

In areas where flying drones is prohibited, drone enthusiasts can lobby to reverse such decisions. To bring the sport of drone hunting into the mainstream, people can organize small events in their neighborhoods to popularize the sport. Privacy concerns can be alleviated by organizing the sport in remote areas with sparse populations. Even in places where drones are legal, you may be required to register your drone with aviation authorities. There’s also need to market racing drones in areas where they are not popular. The following is a look at some of the products on the market.

ARRIS Mini 250 Racing Drone

It’s assembled BNF, which means you need to look for your own controller and battery before you can fly it. It’s 2205 2300KV motor gives it fantastic speed while its 700 TV Line camera captures quality videos with zero delay. The drone’s frame is manufactured using a carbon and fiber glass composite material, which makes it lightweight and durable for racing. You can easily modify this drone because it comes with standard wiring and connectors.

AKASO F250A Racing Drone

It’s perfect for beginners and hobbyists and it offers First Person View. Featuring a high definition 2MP camera with 5.8 GHz wireless transmission, you can enjoy real-time views directly on the transmitter’s LCD screen. It comes ready to race and completely built with an integrated 200W camera. It comes with a video transmitter and antenna. Powered by 2300KV motors, the drone comes with a flight controller and its modular design means you can change components damaged during races within no time. The flight controller, speed controllers, FPV transmitter, and receiver literally plug into an integrated printed circuit board, allowing the drone to be quickly built and repaired between races.

ARRIS X-Speed Quadcopter Racer

This drone is assembled ready to fly and it comes with its own transmitter and receiver. It is well calibrated before being offered for sale and the angle of its FPV camera is adjustable by 0-30 degrees. The drone uses vibration damping plates to improve the video quality while making the frame less prone to damage during a crash. A high quality motor provides the drone with lightning speed. You need to buy a battery and charger before you can fly the drone.

We’ve learned that drone hunting started with racing enthusiasts and hobbyists meeting to share ideas. Drones are not welcome in some places but the solution is to let them loose in deserted areas such as forests and abandoned sites. After buying a drone, ensure that you have it registered with aviation authorities if that is the law. Always be on the lookout for drone hunting events in your local area, especially if they are organized by Mountain Dew and DR1 Racing. You can also follow the slogan that says, “drone hunting doesn’t exist until you do it,” to organize events in your area.

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