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Articles November 25, 2016

drone delivery

A drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), has been in use since the time of the First World War. Initially, it was designed and used for military purposes in situations in order to avoid manned aerial vehicles. The United States Administration has used drone strikes in their war on terrorism and has claimed it to be a major success. The question in your mind would be why a common citizen should be interested in drones. The answer to that is an interesting twist in the story— drone delivery.

drone delivery

Drone Delivery, The Way of the Future

Most of us were pleasantly surprised when Amazon announced that they were testing drones for use for their product delivery in the USA. Their intention was to ensure that the customers benefit from this technology and would get the product delivered within 30 minutes. It gave a new direction to the kind of uses to which this unique technology can be put. Amazon has dubbed it as the delivery system of the future and people started thinking about the various possibilities. The actual implementation for Amazon, though, ran into rough weather with the Federal Aviation Administration and now they are said to be in talks with the UK to try it out there.

Now consider this— in Feb 2014, the UAE announced that they would use drones for delivery of Government documents to their citizens. The intention was to understand the drone delivery capabilities and make sure that they implement it well to provide a hassle free access to citizens. When even the Administration of a country thinks about adapting it, surely there must be some substance to this form of delivery.

While the future of drone delivery does seem bright, there are many concerns that must be addressed by those wish to use it. One of the major issues that has been raised is privacy concerns. Since drones have been in use, mostly to collect information via photos and video, when you see a drone flying by, you really do not know for what it is being used. You will surely feel more than a bit concerned if you find a drone hovering around your window! It’s a fast paced world and the advantage for most companies would be in hitting the markets first with their products. For most organizations, their product lines are closely guarded secrets. Competition is stiff and industrial espionage is on the rise. Allowing usage of drones without proper thought and associated regulations, can lead to misuse and may result in losses.

Also, humans have always thought up ways to misuse technology and you never know what they could come up with. The possibilities are endless. Since civil and commercial uses of drones are still emerging, regulatory aspects need to be seriously looked into. If there could be a well laid out stringent framework for drone usage, then things can move faster as a big roadblock will be cleared.

As with any technology, the positive outcomes of using the drone technology, especially drone delivery, far outweigh the concerns. This could become such a hit with all logistics companies as they will end up saving costs by reducing the number of employees hired for delivery purposes. Also, managing logistics is always a huge issue and you may even be able to reach out to a few remote areas. Using drone delivery can help solve most of these problems. And drones won’t get tired or drunk, turn up late or skip work, etc., meaning productivity is high. Now imagine a customer who wanted something very urgently and ordered it and got it in a jiffy. The amount of time saved by the use of drones is really amazing. Customers surely are the beneficiaries of this technology. Anything that benefits the common citizen will certainly be worth it. This means that the future of drone delivery is certainly bright.

Drone delivery can actually be used in vast countries, like Africa, where infrastructure issues actually hamper any kind of logistics activity. Drones can be used to deliver medicines or other essential supplies to those in need. In times of disasters like floods, earthquakes, etc.— drones can actually be used to map out the ground situation and plan a line of action. In addition, they can help in the delivery and distribution of life saving drugs and supplies. Drone delivery can even be used for postal and courier services. Just imagine the amount of traffic that would get reduced when most of these delivery services are taken off the road. Yes, of course, the Aviation team would certainly have to work out a solid, workable plan in order to ensure smooth aerial traffic.

Though drone delivery is still a debatable topic and would need to be further looked into, you could still purchase and use drones for other basic purposes. If you are just a flying enthusiast and a gadget person, then these are just for you. A whole host of battery operated, remote controlled options like DJI Phantom 3, Syma X5C and Parrot Bepop are available. These could be easily ordered online and delivered to your home. Only don’t expect a drone to deliver your drone to you, that could still take time!

Most of these come with amazing options like indoor and outdoor flying, fitted cameras, apps for live streaming to your mobiles or tablets, GPS assisted flight features, SD cards and a whole host of other accessories that you can choose from. You can even make them flip and rotate 360 degrees and get a feel of the aviation techniques. A few other interesting options provided by them are auto return home coupled with apps that allow you to dictate your flight experience. A few of them are water and wind resistant as well. So, if you are a flight enthusiast, don’t hold back, explore and go in for that drone experience and feel the power of this technology for yourself.

Drones and drone delivery are certainly the way to go. However, as with any new technology, man would need to understand, regulate and learn to put it to best use. Though right now drones are still a rarity, it is important to know that it won’t be long before the true power of this technology is harnessed for the overall betterment of mankind.

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