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DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit | An Exhaustive Rundown

Review November 8, 2016

DJI Phantom 4

Drones are no longer restricted to a certain section of people— the use of drones has now reached new heights and seen as the perfect replacement to manual monitoring. DJI has taken it a step further and designed a drone kit which has minimal technical glitches and focuses on the signal boosting system. DJI has now entered into its 10th year since its inception has acquired critical appreciation. DJI Phantom 3 had been a success and the DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit has pipped the former in terms of performance. Its description is what inspired this review and I hope that when you are done reading, you will be better informed on these gadgets.



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DJI Phantom 4 Executive Kit Details

The executive kit has everything that you need in an unmanned drone and is powered with Phantom 4 Quadcopter. Technically speaking, it is one of the few drones which uses two signal boosters instead of one. The technology used to build the boosters remains a mystery, and can be considered to be an ingenious discovery. The cooling system is built to resist heating and maintain an ultra-cool temperature.


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Two of the most intriguing specs are the TapFly mode and the ActiveTrack mode. The former can set off the drone by a tap of a finger and the latter perceives any obstacle and not only avoids it but slows down a tad to avoid a collision— even going over or under it. ActiveTrack will enable you to track down a specific person by recognizing them, although this feature should be handled with care and the correct mentality. SmartReturnHome— another superb feature which will fly your drone safely to your home or set location even if you lose track or signal of it. A 4K camera is used to detect and film the actual scenario without any blurriness. You can even turn on the audio to listen to any kind of noise if there isn’t any light.


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Phantom 4 has locked horns with Tesla Model S P90D and Autel X-star premium model. Tesla has fared well and has edged past Phantom 4 in terms of technology but the price factor has revived the chances of Phantom 4 leading the race. Autel is a handy drone but you cannot expect it to be loaded with the specs used in Phantom 4.

Decked with a 4k Camera, flight battery charger, Hardshell backpack, and weighing 17 pounds— there is definitely room for upgrading the system software and new versions are expected to be launched within the next 6 months. For robust performance, you can buy propeller guards and an intelligent flight battery. These will up the price but will fortify the longevity of the drone. New versions are not available yet and it can be said that this kit might be the most cost-efficient of all.


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Pros and Cons

There are no notable drawbacks and you can check Amazon for customer satisfaction, although at times the technology can be a bit overwhelming but you will get used to it eventually. The pros are more than enough to outweigh the minimal cons. Customer reviews are more than encouraging and it can be said that this product is adored by its users. A staggering average of 5 stars has been received by the product which shows its quality. The technology and price factor have been praised by users often in their reviews.


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 Conclusion and Rating

I will rate this product five out of five stars and any deduction would have done injustice to its performance. It works perfectly for any drone-related objective. This is the best drone you will find on Amazon and you can buy it for $1300 which is a steal deal.

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