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Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm | A Detailed Analysis

Review November 7, 2016

Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm is small, but it does outperform most big drones that are available on the market. It does not require any assembling, so when you purchase it, you can start flying it right out of the box. The drone is 4 cm long, 4 cm wide, and 4 cm high. It uses 100 mAh Lithium-ion battery that powers the four motors and gives the quadcopter the required speed and lift. The remote control uses AAA batteries, and it comes in matching colors to the quadcopter.

The quadcopter also comes with a USB cable, a transmitter, some spare blades and a user manual. Once you charge it up, it’s ready to take off. This article reviews the quadcopter’s features such as design, flight time, transmitter, flight mode and safety. We also get to look at the pros and cons of having the quadcopter, as well as having the final say.



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Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm Details

The Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm has a six-axis flight control board gives it a stable and smooth flight. The extra axis enables it to fight turbulence and prevents it from bouncing all over while flying. It has an adjustable gyroscope on its axis which also contributes to its stability. The gyroscope also allows the quadcopter to do some 360 degrees flips in mid-air.

Its light in weight and weighs just 29 grams and has an X shape. The manufacturers made the frame out of an ABS plastic which makes it sturdy and able to withstand a crash. However, the manufacturers made the propeller blades out of a lighter plastic that can easily get damaged in a crash. To protect the blades, the customer can purchase a guard cage which is sold separately.

The quadcopter has individual LED lights on every corner. The front LED lights are blue in color while the ones at the back are red in color. These LED lights enable you to visually track it when it’s flying. They are especially helpful when the visibility is low because of bad weather.


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The Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm has a flight time that ranges between 4-8 minutes when the battery is fully charged. The battery takes about 30 minutes for it to be recharged to full capacity. The front LED lights also act as an indicator by flashing when the battery is low.

You can also charge it via computer which will take about 30 minutes, or via phone which will take about 15 minutes. Because the battery is sealed inside the quadcopter, for it to be recharged you have to plug it in. This prevents swapping out of interchangeable batteries to continue flying.


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The transmitter for the Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29 mm has two joysticks that work with a slight push by your fingers. The joystick controls the forward and backward motion as well as the left and right motion. However, when handling the joystick, you should take note to use a light force because it’s very sensitive and responds to even a very slight push. So it means if you push it with force, your quadcopter can have an erratic takeoff which can lead to a crash. The transmitter uses four channels at a frequency of 2.4G and can control the quadcopter to distances of 20-50 meters. Also, it’s made of a durable plastic which makes it sturdy.

It has three flight modes that include junior, intermediate, and advanced. For beginners, the recommended flight mode is junior. This is because at this mode the quadcopter moves slowly and any beginner can learn how to use the controls at this speed. When the flight mode is in junior mode, a green LED lights up on the remote control.

After you understand the basics of flying and controlling the quadcopter, you can now move to intermediate mode. With this mode, you can flip the quadcopter by pressing the right-hand joystick. There is no need to disable the flip mode after you finish flipping because when it finishes the flip, it returns to the normal flight mode. When you activate the flip, a red LED lights up on the transmitter and beeps twice.

The advanced mode is recommended for those who are vastly experienced in flying a quadcopter because it flies very fast. At this mode, you can also do some flips. When in this mode, the transmitter lights up a red LED light and beeps three times.

The quadcopter can move up and down, left and right, and can hover in one position. Because its small in size, you can even launch it from the palm of your hands. To execute the flips you just push the joystick in the direction in which you want the flip to take place. For example, if you want the quadcopter to flip to the left, you just push the joystick to the left.

In case you find it difficult to control the quadcopter because of bouncing all over, just hold the right joystick to the upper left and the left joystick to the lower left for about 2 seconds this calibrates the accelerometers, thus bringing unison to the controls and the flight of the quadcopter.

Make sure to fly your quadcopter outside. Also, because its small in size there is no need to worry about it hurting the user during takeoff. The pilot must take care not to fly it out of its transmitter’s range because it doesn’t have a return-to-home feature which would enable it to come back if it does fly out of range. Also, the quadcopter has no GPS, so you have to maintain visual contact at all times when flying.

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  • It’s light in weight
  • It has flight stability
  • Recharging the batteries does not take long
  • It can do flips
  • Its spare parts are cheap and its also affordable compared to other quadcopters in the market
  • It’s ideal for use by beginners because of the junior mode which flies slowly


  • The manufacturers made the drone’s blades out of light plastic which can easily break during a crash
  • It has no return-to-home feature
  • It’s batteries are not interchangeable
  • The props have no guard cage
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Conclusion and Ratings

The quadcopter comes in colors such as green, orange, pink and blue that make it ideal for everyone. It is also ideal for use with people who are 14 years old and above. The quadcopters and its spare parts are very affordable which makes it a worthy investment. This small quadcopter is easy to fly even for a beginner and is light in weight. These qualities are making the quadcopter leave a lasting impression in the drone arena. I would give the Cheerson CX-10 Mini 29mm, a four star rating because its affordable, light in weight and is easy to fly.  Those who have posted their reviews on Amazon agree that it is a great purchase. In fact, they love the quadcopter and find it a worthy investment.

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