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B-Unstoppable Drone Review

News September 30, 2015

B-Unstoppable is an indoor/outdoor model for everyone. With its super stable flight controller, even users at beginner level can explore full potential of the model.


Due to its patented solution (goo.gl/c7jq5u ), B-Unstoppable achieves outstanding performance in driving across difficult terrain.

It can turn on the spot, which is extremely useful in limited space, which in turn provides 360 view from the on-board camera. As well as driving on the ground, when obstacles become too big, it can simply take-off and fly over them. The model weighs only 84g, therefore it can be operated, without the fear of causing damage to other models/users or itself.


Despite the small size and low cost,  is packed full of great features and technology you would usually expect on more expensive machines and recently was upgraded to:

– The top end FPV system, that provides true “no latency” experience! (unlike the smartphone display: latency 0.5 to 1 s). System can stream live video and record footage onto microSD card inside the camera simultaneously. It comes with ultra bright 4.3 inch screen with play back function.


– New 8×20 motors that increased the flight speed to 35 km/h

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Video Demo of B-Unstoppable Drone:

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