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Hosting is growing not limited to web server and mail server only. There are other applications such as DNS servers that are also leased. The frequently leased DNS server applications are usually associated with Secondary DNS which is a backup of Primary DNS. The level of hosting is divided into: Each customer receives a username password for their website. In the case of reseller hosting, the tenant can manage multiple shared hosting clients with a username and password.

Here the provider leases a server to several clients only, but in the eyes of the client as if it has its own server. This is the bridge to the dedicated server. The price is cheaper than dedicated server. Here the provider provides a physical server to the leased. Depending on our needs, we can choose shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server.

If one handled website is better to use shared hosting, if more than 5 please use reseller hosting, above 50 is better to use VPS and above 100 better to use dedicated server. Mail hosting is a server rental service and its application for the benefit of email reception and delivery. Email is a fairly complex application than a web server. In contrast to web servers that convey information from one to many, email is a communication to many to many.

We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. In the process of sending emailpun past the dots long enough. When a user A sends an email with a program he will send his message to a particular server eg server A. From server A then sends to the destination server such as server B. Someone eg user B which is the address of this email recipient.

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