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3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle Drone | Pros and Cons

Review November 7, 2016

3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle

Drone enthusiasts and the application of quadcopters is becoming more and more common in every facet of society. For this reason, drone users are keen on finding products that perfectly meet their needs. The best way to achieve this, is to find detailed drone reviews that give a thorough analysis on the features, specifications and user experiences. This review seeks to do just that by focusing on the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle manufactured by 3D Robotics.



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3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle Drone Details

Three innovators who were passionate about drones started the company and partnered to primarily sell Unmanned Aerial Vehicle kits to people interested in making drones from home. They began innovating and expanding their reach with Pixhawk, the world renowned autopilot platform. They then moved on to making drones in 2014, with the intention to enable their users to see the world from aerial angles. That year was such a success that they employed additional expertise in 2015 to develop the first ever smart drone — The 3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle, which was meant to make it easy for professionals and amateurs to operate drones and achieve their objectives with little assistance.


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The manufacturers designed the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle to not just be beautiful, but also offer its users both portability and power. It has a camera that is capable of being tilted to any desired angle. In addition to that, users can preset the camera to desired angles before use to enable ease of maneuvering in case they need a good shot. At the touch of a button, it can be summoned to return home in record time.  As users fly the drone, it can be paused in one area to focus on a particular object of interest. The manufacturers fitted the camera with 35 sensors and 20 processors, making the drone highly sensitive to its surroundings.

The manufacturers have made the drone easy to repair to enable the users to deploy back a faulty drone in a short period. This feature applies mostly to its motors or camera gimbals which can be replaced using only a simple screwdriver. To aid unlimited movement, the controller comes with a neck strap and the drone itself is capable of tracking its operator using their smartphone. The drone can also do a 360 rotation on an object and can live stream its recordings. Over time,  professionals in construction have used this drone for monitoring purposes.


Compared to other drones like the Typhoon H 4k Collision Avoidance Hexacopter, this drone ranks highly due to its advanced cameras. GoPro and SONY partnered with the manufacturer to design the features. Another differentiating detail is that it has a much lesser flight time compared to the competitor’s drone (by five minutes). The drone costs  $691, which is less costly compared to its competitor. Otherwise, they rank similarly in most other features.


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Currently, 3D Robotics only offers the 3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle. Impressively, this drone can sustain its flight for 20 minutes with a range spanning 6 miles or 1 km at a speed of 89 km per hour or 55 mph. The drone can ascend depending on the mode it is set on. On a stabilized mode the speed is 10 m/s, while in “fly” mode the speed is 5 m/s. The user has the option of adjusting how high the drone can fly it as per their need, but this is limited to 400 feet according to FAA regulations.

For its flight, it uses 10-inch (24 cm) glass reinforced nylon propellers with a diameter of 4.5 inches (144 cm), which are powered by 800 kV motors. The drone uses an autopilot capability with an APM on Pixhawk 2 software. The radio frequency is 2.4 GHz.

The drone can be either 3.3 lbs or 3.9 lbs with either GoPro or Solo Gimbal, respectively. At 10 inches in height, 18 inches in length factoring motors on either ends, it is quite sizable. The controller battery is a 2600 mAh 7.2 Vdc Lithium-Ion battery, while the flight battery is a 5200 mAh 14.8v DC Lithium Polymer battery. You can fully charge both batteries in only 1.5 hours.


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Pros and Cons

Users have to purchase the gimbals separately, which can be a major drawback. It also has a short battery life which makes it inconvenient for use in areas with limited power sources. In addition to this, it has a weak GPS system which limits its efficiency. Otherwise, it overcomes these drawbacks by offering a high-quality camera which sets it apart from other drones.

Customers on Amazon agree that it is well-built, beautifully designed and very simple to fly. It is also much cheaper than other drones currently on the market. Therefore, the drone offers more value for money considering its features. However, users have concerns regarding customer service, especially on malfunctioning drones.


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Conclusion and Rating

In conclusion, this drone can prove very efficient for professional photographers and filmmakers. The camera gives it an edge over other drones. Users have the option of live streaming the videos they capture. For this reason, we rate this drone four stars.

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